About Access Hosting’s Data Centers and Security

Completely secure, redundant hosting facilities that are trusted by millions

Give your business the enterprise-level resources it deserves at a cost that won’t break your budget. Access Hosting’s state-of-the-art Data Center facilities include security, redundancy in all critical systems, biometric and card-access entry systems, on-site armed security personnel, on-site Network Operations Centers and qualified engineers 24/7/365.

State-of-the-art Data Center Security

State-of the-art security. Access Hosting’s data center facilities are designed for the world class security and data protection that our customers can rely on. We take it seriously. That’s why we’re SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified- an in depth, global certification audit that combs through an organization’s control activities to establish that the service provides secure controls and safeguards for all hosted data. Access Hosting data centers employ an aggressive security strategy, taking cyber security as seriously as physical security.

Data Center Cyber Security

  • Secure VPN, SSL Encrypted Tunnels
  • Redundant ISP4 Backbone (Sprint, Level(3), Cogent)
  • Redundant DC Power Rectifiers
  • Biometric and Card Access Entry System
  • Redundant CRAC Units
  • VESDA Early Warning Fire Detection
  • Redundant Firewalls & IDP
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) backups

Data Center Physical Security

  • Early warning intrusion detection system
  • 24/7 On-Site Armed Security
  • Closed Circuit Digital Camera System
  • Security System Monitoring (On and Off Site)
  • Multiple Checkpoints to controlled areas
  • All equipment housed in locking cabinets, cages or suites
  • Building is restricted access beyond lobby

Blazing Fast Bandwidth and Fiper Optic Network

Our data centers offers high-speed, reliable, robust network connectivity. Our carrier neutrality means you will never be dependent upon one or two providers who control a data facility and charge hefty fees.

Network Infrastructure

  • Fiber optic network
  • Cisco routers, switches and firewalls
  • Intelligent BGP routing
  • IP backbone: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Cogent
  • Power conditioning, UPS and generator farm
  • Redundant HVAC secure climate controlled data center

Premium Windows Servers

  • Dell, Hardware
  • Fully redundant drive configurations
  • Quad Core Processors
  • Dual power supplies

Power Systems

  • Dual commercial power feeds
  • N+1 redundant electrical design and distribution
  • Automatic switching from primary to backup power supply
  • Completely isolated ground system
  • Fully redundant uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Diesel generator backup
  • Onsite fuel tank

Enviromental Controls

  • CRAC units serviced by a 12-inch distribution loop (850 tons of cooling)
  • Twelve 20-ton Glycol CRAC units
  •  47% +/- 10% humidity control system HVAC units
  • All units are N+1 configuration
  • Glycol loop is driven by two redundant 2,240 GPM pumps
  • All MEP systems are monitored by Site Scan critical facility monitoring system

Certified Facilities and Certifications

SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified Facilities

Access Hosting data centers are world-class facilities with carefully selected locations that provide a dual utility power grid house POPs for all of the major carriers operating in the region. The state of the art facilities include biometric security, redundancy in all critical systems, on-site Network Operations Centers (NOCs), backup power generators and qualified engineers 24/7/365.

We solve the challenges presented by Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPAA, SOX, SAS 70 and other legislative requirements.