Microsoft Access Hosting Services Free 30 Day Trials

Our Free Trials are a way for Access Developers, Businesses, and other interested parties to test out our hosting before they purchase a hosting plan. Access Hosting reserves the right to decline and or deactivate a free trial. Your Access Hosting account details will be sent to the email that you provide, so please fill out your details as accurately as possible. Please do not use a Yahoo email address, requests from Yahoo will be ignored.

By requesting a free trial you are agreeing in full to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Trial Account requests are typically processed within 24 hours

If you need help figuring out what free trial would work best for your project, please check out our guide.

Remote Virtual Desktop Hosting

  • Works on any Device – Windows, Mac OSX, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Kindle Fire, other Android tablets and devices
  • Does not require ANY development work or changes to your Access Application
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office: Excel, Outlook (automated emails), Word, etc
  • Allows you to split your database – use Access or SQL 2012 as your backend for all your tables and records
  • VBA Code compatible

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SQL 2012 Hosting

  • Best Scalability and Performance with the power of SQL 2012
  • Bundle with Remote Desktop for incredible performance and storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Strictly hosts the backend data and tables ONLY

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SharePoint Access Services 2013 on Office 365

  • Browser-based forms and data entry
  • Includes the latest Office applications plus the most advanced enterprise-grade communication capabilities
  • No Browser based Reporting – requires a copy Access and can only be run within the program
  • Not VBA compatible – Data Macros Only
  • Raw Data is pushed and secured in SQL Server 2012 and can be accessed via ODBC

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