Remote Desktop Dedicated Hosting Solutions and VPS Servers

Deploy any Access Application in the Cloud with Remote Desktop:

Windows Remote Desktop Services is a powerful way to access your company information, files and databases from anywhere with an available internet connection. Remote Desktop users that purchase one of our dedicated virtual servers can run all of their company software (Microsoft Office, Access Databases, Accounting Software, etc.) online instead of from their local hard drives. Our Windows RDP Virtual Appliances have dedicated resources for each customer which guarantees system performance, absolute security, and access to everything from anywhere. The Best part is that the cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly.

Purchasing a remote desktop dedicated hosting plan offers much more flexibility and control than our shared plans. All of our virtual appliances allow for administrator access that will let you customize your remote desktop environment and install your own corporate software and programs. More importantly, our hosting plans will save you money on costly servers, network maintenance, IT support, and bandwidth charges. Because we charge monthly per head, whether your business shrinks or grows your IT costs will always stay in line with your operation. No risky overspending, and no unexpected costs should you suddenly need to expand.

Example RDP Virtual Appliance – $299 /month

  • 10 concurrent users
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Access 2010/2013 Runtime is Included and can be upgrade to full Access or Microsoft Office
  • Admin Access – customize the RDP environment to your needs
  • Customized security configurations such as lockdown by individual IP address
  • Dedicated 4GB RAM Virtual Machine
  • Install your own applications and software
  • Dedicated CPU/Bandwidth
  • Disaster Recovery storage target for your backup routines
  • FTP access to your disaster recovery backup storage
  • No setup charge and no long term contract or hidden fees (monthly subscription)
  • Additional Users can be added for only $10/month
  • Add the entire Microsoft Office suite for $10 per user per month

Purchase a RDP Virtual Appliance with Terminal Services Hosting
If you would like to pay by email invoice, please contact us to set that up

If you are looking to deploy your own application or software on a large scale or need your own dedicated hardware to deploy terminal services across your company, please contact us for a quote to meet your specific needs.