Remote Desktop Hosting

Remote Virtual Desktop Overview

Remote Desktop Services allows you to keep your Access 2007, 2010, or 2013 Database running “as-is” online in the cloud. Using the latest advances in Microsoft Hypervisor technology we can create a seamless single click operating environment for your existing Access database that allows you to run your application without modification. This approach allows multiple users to connect concurrently to the cloud from any PC and experience the program as if it was running locally on their desktop. Pricing starts at just $29/month and we offer a free trial for qualified customers.

Access Hosting is a more powerful alternative to expensive web database solutions like Intuit QuickBase. Our Remote Desktop service allows you to quickly take your existing Access Database and host it in the cloud without modification. That means no costly development time or changes are needed! The environment is completely customizable and upgradeable. You can purchase additional Microsoft Office Software programs to integrate with your database and will never have to worry about installing software.

Easily get MS Access on the Web with Remote Desktop Hosting

Publishing a Database to Remote Desktop Hosting is very easy. This video introduces you to our Remote Desktop Hosting service. It shows you how easy it is to get started using RDP hosting with our free trial and how to easily copy/paste your local Access database up into the cloud.

The Problems:

  • You are interested in upgrading your desktop operating system but concerned about breaking your legacy Access applications.
  • You want your Access application to run entirely in the cloud without the need for a copy of Access on your local desktop.
  • You need multiple users to connect concurrently to your Access application without the need to install Access on every users machine.
  • You want “one version of the truth” for your Access databases by single copy of the information in the cloud and making it securely available to one or more users.

Our Solution:

Using the latest advancements in Microsoft Hypervisor technology, we can take your existing application off your desktop and run it seamlessly in the cloud. Each user continues to invoke the application via an icon on their desktop, but no software or data needs to be installed on their machine. If multiple concurrent users are required simply add remote instances and everyone can see the information without the hassle or expense of converting your existing program.

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