It Had To Happen: The Easy Cloud Solution Designed for Microsoft Access Users

  • Get up and running in just a few clicks – no conversion required

  • Create native Access forms, reports, queries and VBA macros. No conversion required.

  • Run  your MS Access applications from any desktop operating system or device that supports RDP including MacOS, iOS, iPad, Surface, Kindle Fire, Nexus Tablets and many others.

  • Start with just a single user and then scale on demand as needed. Never pay for more than you need.

  • Try it for free - nothing to install on your Windows desktop.

This is the real “Access in the Cloud”

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Moving Your Microsoft Access Database to the Cloud

A Simpler Approach

AccessHosting.Com offers a unique, low cost, and scalable approach to getting your Access database into the cloud. Our entry level price point is just $19 month for a remote desktop session that allows a single user to run their Access 2007, 2010 or 2013 database without modification, and includes the rich feature set that Access developers are comfortable using and maintaining. Don’t be confused by the marketing hype surrounding Access Services and SharePoint in Office 365 – those solutions require significant conversion effort and a substantially reduced feature set to run Access forms, queries and reports in the browser. Our simple approach lets you take your existing database from the desktop intact with forms, rich reports, VBA code, and legacy macros and run it from any device that supports a remote desktop connection. That includes iPads, Kindle Fire, Surface Tablets and many other popular devices.

An Inexpensive Solution

With the Access Runtime environment you do not need a copy of Access for you users – only the developers of the applications. Without this requirement the cost of running your application remotely can be as little as $19/month per user. Additional users can be installed at any time to share a common backend database that is secured on the same remote desktop, offering a high performance solution to multi-user connectivity.

A Scalable Solution

Sometimes Access databases grow up to be very big – and performance suffers. We offer an easy way to take your traditional Access data file and convert it to a hosted SQL Server solution on our same network switching fabric, giving you a high speed connection to a scalable backend that will not impact performance as the size of your database grows.

How Do I ?

We understand that you sometimes need step by step guidance to perform a specific task. To that end we have produced many instructional videos to help you get started with our solution. Everything from moving your database form the desktop to the remote desktop, setting up local printing, and securing multiple users on your database is covered in detail in these tutorials.

Want To Learn More?

We are convinced that this is a great way for people to run Microsoft Access on the Web – but don’t take our word for it. You can test out solution obligation free for 30 days. There are no long term contracts or the “lock-in” typically found with QuickBase, Caspio, and other web database solutions. If the product does not meet your needs you will not be charged – simple as that.

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Download Access 2007, Access 2010 and Access 2013 Runtime

The Microsoft Access 2013 runtime has been released.

The wait is over for Access 2013 Runtime. Here are the download links for the last 3 versions of the MS Access Runtime environment. Remember that you can use these runtime packages to deploy Access Applications free of charge. They make a great low cost solution for putting legacy Access applications on the internet, the iPad, and most Android devices WITHOUT the hassle and expense  of conversion using our Remote Desktop Hosting and SQL 2012 Hosting Plans.

Access 2013 Runtime Download

Access 2010 Runtime Download

Access 2007 Runtime Download

Remote Desktop Hosting Plan Free Trial

SQL 2012 Hosting Plan Free Trial


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Create a SharePoint 2013 List using Access 2013

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Dedicated SQL 2012 Hosting for Unlimited Access Databases


We have been getting tons of requests from Access developers and DBAs about SQL Server 2012 (previously known as “Denali”) that need multiple databases and other more robust SQL 2012 options. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition for $199/month.

This is the latest installment of Microsoft’s popular database and it includes a number of improvements over previous versions. New improvements SQL 2012 include AlwaysOn for higher availability, Contained Databases to improve on some of the authentication challenges associated with moving databases and FileTables for those apps that manage unstructured data that lives as files outside of the database.

Of course the big advantage of this plan to Access Developers is the ability to create an unlimited number of tables, databases and SQL user logins so that you can manage multiple clients, databases, projects and Access applications from the same secure cloud-based location.  If you have any further questions, please check out our SQL 2012 webpage and feel free to chat online with a sales representative or contact us via email.

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How to add a new user into your Access Services 2013/SharePoint 2013 site collection

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Download SQL 2012 Native Client for Access 2013

Access 2013 requires the SQL 2012 Native Client in order to run reports against a 2013 web application that has been published to SQL 2012.

You can download the 32 and 64 bit version of those files here.

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How to add users to your SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Database

This first video demonstrates how to Add Users to Your SharePoint 2013 Site Collection with SharePoint Designer 2013

This tutorial shows you how to Add Users to Your SharePoint 2013 Site Collection via the browser

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Publish Your Access Database to the Web

here is the Access 2013 Quick Start Guide with tutorials for MS Access 2013:

Publish Your Web Database with Access

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Access 2013 Patch Now Available

As part of the January 2013 patch cycle Microsoft has introduced an update for Access 2013. You can use Windows Update or direct download to update your system and both 32 and 64 bit verisons are available. What does this patch accomplish ? The KB article alludes to to “stability and performance improvements” without any additional details.

Here is a screenshot of an unpatched system:

2013 Unpatched

And after the patch is applied:


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How Access Services 2013 has changed since 2010 and what that means for Access Developers

One of the most important changes with Access 2013 and their new web apps is in the architecture itself.


In SharePoint 2010, Access Web Services was storing everything in SharePoint (and then SharePoint’s content was backed up by SQL).  Access 2013 apps are hosted by SharePoint 2013 while the data is stored in SQL Server 2012. SharePoint 2013 provides authentication, authorization, and security for Access 2013 apps. The back-end tables, views, macros, and queries are stored in an SQL Server 2012 database.  This change in architecture reflects a substantial change in the way Access Services works.

You will notice that SQL stores tables, views, macros and queries but there’s no mention about reporting.  That is because Access 2013 Web Apps do not allow you to create traditional Access reports.  The only way to do reporting is by connecting the local Access software program to the SQL tables directly or using some other compatible reporting software tool.

There are a lot of advantages of using Access 2013 with SharePoint 2013, but it is important for Access Developer to note the following:

  1. The idea of the Hybrid Application, SQL reporting services in a browser, and the architecture of Access Web Services 2010 has been completely abandoned by Microsoft.  Access Applications can be either SharePoint 2013 web apps OR traditional local Access Applications.
  2. Any existing SharePoint 2010 web application cannot be moved to SharePoint 2013.  You can preserver your tables, but all of your forms, reports, and queries will be lost in the transition from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
  3. Access 2013 introduces a new application type that enables you to create a web-based Access app in SharePoint 2013.  It is easier and more stable than 2010 since it is directly backed by SQL, but there are no built-in reporting services for Access web apps.
  4. Access 2013 and Access 2010 can both publish to SharePoint 2010 and the old Access Web Services 2010.  You must have Access 2013 to publish to SharePoint 2013 and create an Access 2013 web app.
  5. VBA code is not compatible with SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 Access applications.

Access Hosting is committed to supporting the Access Developer community and will continue to offer SharePoint 2010 Access Web Services hosting for as long as developers are interested.  SharePoint 2013 Access Web apps do have a ton of advantages, and we have launched our brand new Access 2013 SharePoint 2013 hosting packages.  If you are interested in a free trial, please sign-up here.

We don’t just offer SharePoint hosting either.  We have great ways for every Access Developer and Access application to be hosted in the cloud whether it’s through SharePoint, SQL Server or our RDP solution which lets you host any Access 2007, 2010 or 2013 application without ANY modifications.  It supports VBA code too.

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Happy New Year: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2013

Start the new year by reviewing the dramatic improvements to Access and Access Services in SharePoint 2013. This 8 page document will step you through some of the biggest differences between Access 2013 and Access 2010.
What’s New In Access 2013

If you like what you see go ahead and sign up for a free trial of our Hosted Access Services 2013, Remote Desktop 2013, or SQL 2012 solutions.

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Suppress Multiple Authentication Prompts when using Access 2013 Web Databases

Here is a short video that shows how to configure Internet Explorer so that hosted Access Web Databases do not require multiple logons to the SharePoint 2013 site collection. If you are getting repeated requests to logon to your SharePoint 2013 site while working with Access 2013 this video is for you.

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Creating an Access 2013 Application from SharePoint 2013

If you are just getting started with Access Web Databases on SharePoint 2013 and wondering where to begin this video is for you:

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Access Services 2013 Hosting Plans and Pricing are on their way!

Well, we just got back and had a team meeting after the SharePoint Conference last week and we’ve settled on our Access Services on SharePoint 2013 pricing plans and are going to start provisioning free trial sites right after Thanksgiving. The big news is that our SharePoint pricing plans are staying exactly the same for 2013, but we now have new user licensing which means you get a whole lot more users! The plans will be as follows:

Developer Plan – $19/month

  • 1 Database Developer/Designer
  • 25 MB of Space
  • App Jumper URL shortener
Standard Plan – $49/month
  • 3 Database Developer/Designer Users
  • 50 Users
  • 1 GB of Space
  • App Jumper URL shortener
  • Anonymous Access
Enterprise Plan – $99/month
  • 5 Database Developer/Designer Users
  • 200 Users
  • 2 GB of Space
  • App Jumper URL shortener
  • Anonymous Access

We will also have a new version of our Access Hosting Virtual Appliance for SharePoint 2013 hosting.  The price will be identical to the existing 2010 appliance ($499/month), but the plan will offer unlimited users, up to 10 database designers, 5 GB of space, and access to your tables via SQL Server management studio.  This plan will be very flexible and offer features above and beyond the shared hosting environment.  The specifics and additional features/customizations will be available after the holiday.

If you want to be one of the first people to try out our new offering, please sign-up using the form below:

Sign-up for a free 30 Day Trial of SharePoint 2013 Access Services Hosting

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SharePoint Conference 2012 – Las Vegas

Some of our key team members are currently attending the SharePoint Conference out in Las Vegas.  We actually have a meeting setup with the Access Team while we are out there and should have news on our upcoming Access 2013 hosting products in the weeks that follow the conference.  Stay tuned for more information on SharePoint 2013 Access Services, Dedicated Hosting Plans, and Access 2013 Remote Desktop Solutions.

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Remote Desktop Virtual Appliance NOW only $10 per User!

We are happy to announce that our Remote Desktop Virtual Machine has undergone some price changes and is now cheaper than ever.  Our RDP Virtual Appliance is only $299/month and comes with 4GB of RAM and up to 10 users.  Access 2010 or Access 2007 will come pre-installed on every remote desktop.  With RDP, there are absolutely NO CHANGES necessary to your Access Application to get it running in the cloud. Simply copy/paste it over to your Remote Virtual Desktop.

Additional users are now only $10 per month! and the entire Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint) can be added to any virtual desktop for only $10 per user per month!  These plans come with No setup fee and NO long term commitment.  Best of all, you can install your own software and completely customize your RDP environment.

Check out our RDP Hosting Virtual Appliance

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Access 2007 and 2010 Running on the iPad

This video will introduce you to our Remote Desktop hosting service which allows you to run legacy Access applications in the cloud WITHOUT MODIFICATION. In many ways the Apple iPad is the perfect client for running your Access Database. If you are short on time and need to bring your Access database onto the iPad quickly without the hassle and expense of database conversion this service is for you. Limited support for Access 2003 is also available, contact us for details.


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SQL Server 2012 – 10GB for $49

We are happy to announce that all of our existing SQL 2012 server customers (and any new SQL customers) now have 10 times more storage with our basic plan.  Our basic SQL 2012 Server hosting comes with 10 GB of storage space.  This package is perfect for enterprise level Access Databases that need to have their data tables securely hosted in the reliable SQL database environment.  This package has been priced to be incredibly competitive with Windows Azure and unlike Azure has no bandwidth limits/surcharges.  It’s simply 10GB of SQL 2012 Server Storage and hosting for $49/month.

Now is a great time to give our SQL 2012 Server Hosting with our free 30 day trial.

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Cross-Post from AccessExperts Blog

We have partnered with the Access Experts to offer our SQL 2012 Hosting Service. Check out this video tutorial on some advanced code techniques that would be compatible with our SQL or RDP hosting:

Learn advanced techniques on Microsoft TempVars, Enums and Classes. Presented by, Access Experts specializes in creating Access applications for clients in the US and Canada.

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